Friday, September 27, 2013

FINAL UPDATE from GLA -- September 2013

Hi Shannon,

It has been a true blessing to be a very small part of your adoption journey.  What a blessing to see you united with your sweet little girl and to see her transition into life with her forever family!  It has been fun to see the photos of Kimberlie enjoying being at home with you on Facebook.  It is amazing to see her thriving at home with you so far!  I am continuing to pray that your transition into life as a family goes well and that Kimberlie quickly learns and understands that you are the person she is to trust and love with all she has. 
Attached to this “final” update is your forever-family photos from the Sunday you left.   Kimberlie is most definitely missed in the nursery but knowing that she is home with you takes any sadness we have away.
I hope you are enjoying your life as a forever family so far.  Hugs to you and Kimberlie from all of us here at GLA!

Susie Schuelke
GLA Update Coordinator
God’s Littlest Angels - Haiti

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